Having that type of lag in 2020 is beyond mad. from Dingbest's blog

Here are just some ideas, the focal point is: MAKE REP REWARDS ACTUALLY WORTH THE GRIND! Thanks to everybody that got the patience to read this long post. Don't hesitate to 2K21 MT provide your opinion even if you think they are shit. I'd like to hear other ideas in the event that you have any notion share it! Sorry I'm not a native english speaker and if I needed to go to school I used to go to the pub.

These are great points but you do not realize that part of the issue in 2K besides the input that makes it super difficult to play decent it is the community. I dropped the count of the number of times I played with 3vs3 or REC with a friend and the other randoms in the beginning they touch the ball their mentality is I am playing 1vs3 or 1vs5 I'm Jordan I won't pass the ball unless I'm going to get my shot blocked and I will neglect pass mid-air or merely brick every shot. Until people realize this is a team game 2K can make NBA 2K21 perfect but the encounter still will be shit.

I've been a big 2K participant that is online since 2K15, and very busy in this sub advocating for a lot of these changes for several years. This year though I'm done, haven't touched 2K since soon after 2K20 have been off this sub, and dropped. I won't even think about touching it until the enter lag is eliminated and matchmaking is added.

Having that type of lag in 2020 is beyond mad. People that say they don't have it has to be speaking about the lagging where NBA 2K21 speeds up to grab, and not input lag. You notice if the input lag fluctuates, and it does not that much if you have a fantastic connection.

Try it, press the shoot button and find out how much time it takes your player to actually begin shooting, in comparison to offline PlayNow or even MyCareer. I've moved 3 times to 3 unique states, and have experienced a wired 600+ MB/sec connection, with the PS Pro, and I have always seen the input lag, on every 2K. Online COD players would not have that in their PS3 a decade past, we are on the point of this PS5 and it still feels as though I am playing a dial-up modem. No thanks.

With matchmaking all you have to do is read a few of the comments here. Some people NEVER wish to have anyone sub-par on their own team, and also refuse to play people better than those (sweats). It's like a 2K civilization thing today, folks jump and on areas, assess other player's stats, and send out tons of squad invites, sneak into lesser rated parks, etc.. Shit's ridiculous, I just want to jump in and play. Give 2 teammates that are random to Buy NBA 2K21 MT me, put me contrary to 3 random competitions. If I get the short end of the stick, who cares it is just a game and guess what, I can jump in and play another one in like 2 seconds.

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By Dingbest
Added Sep 2 '20



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